Micheal really helped me and my life. I was at a place of constant struggle and despair. with overworking, relationship struggles and no understanding of a better life.

I was Always trying to think my way out of any problems I had. But as soon as I started the course I shook up my old habit and routines by creating new ones.

working through some problems that I had with the group really helped. Now i have a new outlook on life and every area of my life has improved a lot from what it was.

Joe Barker - Entrepreneur

When I started working with Micheal I was at a point where I had just left my full time job to go freelancing and begin creating my own business.

I knew I needed a shift in actions and behaviours to start creating new results. Micheal has helped me to be more honest with myself, to take consistent action to get to know the people who are engaging with my content which has helped me to start creating a real community at The Happy Mindset.

He has helped me to own my own story which has led to writhing my book, given me more clarity around what I do and the value I have to offer.

Working with Micheal helps me to get to the real reason behind my inaction and his focus on creating real-world results, being real and having a positive impact is refreshing.

Denis Murphy- Podcaster - Author - Computer Programmer

My journey started on a week long retreat that he organised as part of our coaching.

This week long package that included awareness, mindfulness sessions and coaching and it really did open my eyes to some guilt and shame I was clinging onto.

Since then I've had a number of one-to-one coaching sessions that have been really beneficial.

Since then he has inspired me to pick my guitar again and I am a level two guitar player and I have achieved a year long goal of mine to lose a stone in weight.

If you want to cut the B/S in your head and you want to act on your aspirations, then message Micheal.

Matthew Stanton