First and foremost before anything else, I'm a father and a husband.

My life is about spending time with my family, getting my kids outside of their comfort zone ( not always to their liking ) and being of service to others.

I spend as much time as possible challenging myself with fun adventures. I spent so many wasted years feeling like a prisoner inside my own head that and not doing much with my life other than drinking.

Beyond being a father & husband I love working closely with my client to achieve amazing results and help them build a life of fun and adventure to.

Some of my clients call me a coach, others call me a mentor.

What I really do is work with individuals who want to stay alcohol-free for a few weeks to pull off a business deal, to compete in a competition or for a big event.

Other clients want to stop drinking or taking drugs altogether, and dramatically changing all aspects of their lives, within their personal relationships, career, health, finances.

I started helping people back in 2008 2 years after getting clean and sober myself.

I have a deep understanding of why people do what they do, and how to create long-lasting effective behaviour changes.

All my coaching comes with a high level of privacy and confidentiality.
I never disclose any of my client's information or who I’m working with. (Unless permission is given)

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