Welcome My Friend  

Why did I create this page and podcast?  

After hitting the lowest point of my life a few years ago, I've since been on a journey to turn my life around...  

From struggling in the past with addiction to drink and drugs to struggling with 

==> 'Stress, Burn Out Overwhelm and a bunch of Unhealthy, Unwanted HABITS'...  

On the outside, my life looked like everything was great  

But on the inside, it was very different  

See, behind the brave face I was trying to put on  

I was struggling, I was stressed out, burnt out, overwhelmed, constantly feeling like I never had enough time to get everything done that needed to be done.  

I was overworking, and spending very little time at home, feeling lost with myself and life  

The anxiety, stress and overwhelm were creeping me, I didn't know what to do or how to change it.  

This led me to have a massive meltdown, burning my business to the ground and almost losing my marriage.  

I felt lost as a Man, Father And Husband...  

The stress was affecting my sex life, I would take all my frustration out on the ones closest to me  

I constantly lied, I never followed through with what I said I was going to do, I worked long hours to avoid my responsibility as a husband and a father  

I blamed everyone and everything for my troubles in my life, I felt like I was always going at 100 miles hour but never really getting anywhere!  

Over the last few years, I made some big changes in my life Personally & Professionally  

And started to get asked by lot's of other Men for more information on how I turned my life around...  

From All The ...  

Stress Anxiety Prastination Overwhelm Burnout Low Moods  


Transforming My Marriage Getting In Great Shape Taking Back Control Of My Life And Emotions Becoming A Better More Engaged Father  

Look, I’m not an expert or a guru!!  

I still fu@k up and make plenty of mistakes, I don’t always get this right. I’m always working on becoming a better Man, Father And Husband  

That’s what I want for other men to  

And that’s what is there for you if you want to do the work. So if YOU want to Upgrade Their Habits, Have More Clarity, More Focus And Active Bigger 'RESULTS' within your LIFE ?

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